Arrested in Texas?

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, anyone can get caught up in a legal conundrum resulting in an arrest by police. When this happens legal counsel by an experienced criminal defense attorney is recommended.

Types of Criminal Charges

Common Criminal Offences

Some of the more common criminal offences that people get charged for by authorities are driving while intoxicated, domestic disputes, and drug crimes. If this happens to you, your whole life will be changed forever if convicted. You will need a strong defense lawyer to protect your rights.

Theft Offences

Shoplifting and theft crimes seem like no big deal to the purpetrators of such crimes. However, even these types of crimes can have long-lasting consequences. Having a conviction on your record may prevent you from getting a job or credit, or even be denied for housing.

Violent Crimes

On the more serious side, a conviction for violent crimes such as aggravated assault, robbery, or other crimes involving bodily injury to one or more persons can be devastating to a person's future. Prosecutors will attempt to get maximum prison time for offenders in these types of cases.

Attorney Assistance

If you need to help a friend or family member who is being charged with a criminal offense in Texas, contact one of the criminal defense lawyers in Arlington Texas. They are experienced with Texas law and the Texas court system and will fight to protect their client's rights.


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